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COTTAGE STYLE has evolved far beyond cluttered space peppered with hearts, and wood cutouts. 

Most of those who love this eclectic mix enjoy the ‘thrill of the hunt!’, seeking out ‘diamond-in-the-rough’, quality pieces that when painted, becomes uniquely theirs. 

Hardcore cottage stylers aren’t purchasing pre-distressed items but like doing it themselves!

If adding some new future-focused hobbies into your life sounds fun, you can do it too! Just think of lounging on a dock and looking at the water… and pick paint colours that exude feeling alive! Channel nature and the beach by using soft blues, sand, and pops of soft yellow. 

The intention lies in simply creating a space filled with happiness and easy-living energy. The laidback, easy-living atmosphere you’re creating will be the envy of even the most modern-in-style!


It instills and exudes peace and positivity throughout your environment. 
There is much to mull over and evaluate in this rapidly blossoming and evolving style!

All photos from Pinterest. Visit my Cottage-style board for more inspiration.

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