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Don't let

the headlines

scare you!

A (current) Market Strategy Remark:

I'm sure you’ve seen all of the news articles regarding the quickly changing real estate market influenced by interest rates, supply and demand issues, as well as many other tumultuous world events. So, what should Sellers and Buyers expect? 

If the Seller is guided by expertise in the market, they can and will be successful. Most importantly right now, Sellers should be prepared to show their home proudly, listen to pricing strategy and prepare to be spending a little more time on the Market. Cool and creative heads will prevail! 

Strategies are individual to each homeowner; I determine what needs to be done to stand out amongst other listings. It takes consistent promotion and hard work to reach the right Buyers. 

Now onto the Buyers
As the Buyer, current financing guidance is essential before starting your search. 
Yes, there are some home price reductions but buying power from the lender may reduce buying ability. Sounds negative, but not so! When you know what you can afford, you can be more comfortable and confident. Here, I will navigate you through the appropriate opportunities and 
go get the home of your dreams.

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